To reflect about how to act in quality management in an organization to position it in the arena of the competitiveness; and generate proposals based on tools that generate results that cause benefit. The student must be convinced that organizations should adopt a system for manage and administer the processes under a total quality approach because is the best way to ensure to belong in the market. The student must understand well the processes to manage and control a system to ensure total quality in the company. He will learn and apply tools that allow more efficient and effective operation of the organization based on the incorporation of quality concepts, productivity, competitiveness and innovation. To this end, you will meet and seek regulations put into practice the international norms such as ISO 9001-2015, ISO 17025, ISO 26000; as well as modern theories that consider the human resource development and employment to improve the systems for quality management and continuous improvement. It will study and apply modern methodologies based on quality technology, such as Lean Sigma, TQM, total quality tested prestigious organizations Models. You can implement strategies and initiatives that help increase profitability and improve the positioning of large companies, medium, small or micro. The student will develop a final project that applies the tools revised in the course.